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Now all of the internet users prefer to use Wi-Fi connection and this is why, they purchase a router. The router is a device which is used for conversion of the current internet connection to Wi-Fi. The device makes the wireless internet to wireless connection. This is why, multiple devices can use the same internet connection. So, user do not need to use multiple wireless internet connections to use the internet in many devices. Now many places, you will get the Wi-Fi internet connection. For attracting customers, many restaurants, shopping center lets users to use Wi-Fi internet free. You can use Wi-Fi internet in your home and this is why, you need a router.
Many users feel afraid of the settings and configuration of the router and it happens for the new users of the router. But they should not get afraid so early. Because every router come with the all necessary instructions which is very easy to follow. All of the instructions is written clearly in the router manual as if all of the users can easily follow the instruction. After buying the router, you should unpack the box of the router and bring out all of the things what you have found in it. This article will prove the sufficiency with router manual.
Bring out all of those things what you have find out in the router box. You need to configure the device and setup all settings but before the settings, users need read all of the instruction which have come in the device. For the internal settings, you need to find out the default data like username, password and IP address. Until, you collect those things, you cannot login to the router and you cannot setup anything. Read the router manual to know all of the things about the configuration. You can configure the router, cables with the computer properly.
Many routers use the default IP address and this is set by the manufacturer of the router. This default IP address is not used for login to the router but also this IP address has many uses. Later, I will discuss about those shortly. Now download a browser and on the address field of the browser, type the default IP address and press the enter button. Now you will see the login screen and you need to use default username and password. Now use the Enter button again and you will be logged in. Now you can setup all things in the router device what you need to setup.
The IP address has no any special value. If the manufacture set any different IP address in the router, then it would work similar. As the manufacture setup the IP address on the browser address bar, we will work with this IP address. Until facing the IP address confliction problem, it is not necessary to change the default IP address. The IP address confliction is very serious problem which does not let you use internet.
Securing the Wi-Fi is very important thing but securing the router is not so important thing. However, if you want to secure the router, then you just change the username and password what are default. Changing the default IP address for the router security is not important and it is useless. If you want to secure the Wi-Fi, then you need to login to the router and from the router internal settings, you can setup all necessary things. Read the manual if you want to secure the Wi-Fi. If your device is latest model device, then you will get more improved features for Wi-Fi security.
We know that the IP address confliction problem is the only case to change the default IP address. You should not change the default IP address for any other causes. IP address confliction problem is a serious problem which cannot let users to use Wi-Fi or internet. By changing the default IP address, it is only possible to start internet connection. When the same IP address runs in multiple devices in same network, then this Problem occurs and changing the IP address is the solution only. For changing the IP address, you need to use all of the default data for login.
You know how to login to the router and if you want to change the IP address, then you need to login to the router. From the router control panel, you have to find the IP address and that IP address should be changed. You have to change the default IP address follow the IP address rules and you cannot change the IP address class. If you want to use the IP address from different classes, then the router does not let you to save the IP address. The router notifies you when you want to set a false IP address.
In the IP address of the Class C, you will get IP address range from to This IP address range is very important for all of the users. When they want to change the IP address, then it is important to set an IP address and the user has to choose an IP address from the IP address range. For your attempt to use the false IP address which is not built following by the IP address rules will fail. You cannot use any false IP address for changing the IP address.
There are many things which can make an IP address false and such false IP address does not work. An IP address will work, when the IP address is made of numbers and dots. You cannot place letter or word in the IP address. Symbol or sign are used in the IP address. You should be very alert when you change the IP address. If you put extra/less dots in the IP address than 3, then the IP address does not work. You cannot use that IP address for any reason. You should think of it when you form an IP address.
This article is written in easy English language and it is important to follow by the users but they should not avoid those papers and manual which have come with the router box. Those things help users to configure the device and setup internally. From those papers, you can learn the default IP address, username and password. YouTube.com is a good option to get video instruction. Many people do not watch YouTube video but this helps users to solve many problems quick. However, you can browser other websites to gain more knowledge on router and Wi-Fi.